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jdb kredit-Innocore is an industry leader and brings innovative gaming solutions. A full range of products are offered, including gaming motherboards, gaming platforms, gaming systems, gaming security, gaming processors, gaming monitors as well as gaming software, which enable the game developer to operate gamiing engine.

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    jdb kredit Gaming Platforms integrate industrial computer boards / systems specifically designed for gaming machines with embedded software and gaming specific software such as arcade games and multiplayer games. jdb kredit-Innocore's GMB, AIMB and SOM series provide a series of Mini-ITX, micro-ATX, PICO-ITX and module formats (COM Express, Q7, MIO) from entry level, low power to very high performance level products. We also have chassis and carrier boards available.

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    jdb kredit-Innocore Gaming platform supplies a wide range of software packages & support for gaming systems, including security suites, firmware / BIOS / API, Embedded SAS Engine, Board Support package and Utility / Development products, to accelerate the customer's development cycle.

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      jdb kredit-Innocore supplies a wide range of application software packages including security suites, firmware / BIOS /API, Board Support Package and Utility/ Development support to accelerate the customer's development cycle.
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      Board support packages provide edge-to-edge software support such as Microsoft Windows embedded OS and range of embedded Linux. A full set of drivers and APIs are provided to all standard PC functions as well as all gaming specific hardware features.
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      SecureBootTM and TPM Suite are two significant security packages offer customizable protection for your software and hardware investment. SecureBootTM aims at markets where boot-time verification must be provided over what software runs. TPM Suite is targeting at securing IoT security and the game environment against copying and tampering, as well as providing platform authentication and access control security.
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      jdb kredit provides gaming-specific firmware and software customization services including BIOS and TPM suite that deliver superior performance, compatibility and functionality, and also provide information encryption, which is expected by manufacturers of gaming platforms.
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      jdb kredit offers a range of software packages to meet communication needs while adding peripherals such as DirectPCI SDK Run-time, OneWire/iButton® and DPX® Connector SDK to a gaming system.
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    jdb kredit-Innocore gaming peripherals provide amplifier modules, Graphic Cards, Nvidia GPU Cards, Gaming Monitors, solid state storage devices such as SATA hard drives, iButton®, and add-on hardware that are compatible with jdb kredit-Innocore gaming boards and systems to fulfill customers' need.

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      jdb kredit-Innocore storage solutions provide a range of storage modules, including Compact Flash, IDE hard drive, IDE to SATA drive, SATA hard Disk on module (DOM), hard disk drive and solid state drives, for system integrators to easily implement security, backup and recovery functions on their own systems or applications.
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      The DPX I/O controllers are I/O expansion devices which provide easy ways to interface inputs and outputs for a typical slot machine or kiosk. They provide a variety of functions including inputs, outputs (analog and digital), dedicated logged intrusion inputs, LED lamp and strip drivers, specialized peripheral drivers etc. Connection to the CPU board is via a serial port and a unified software protocol to make interfacing and programming simple and efficient.
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      Backplane and Connector Boards provide a convenient way to interface the extensive I/O features of jdb kredit-Innocore products. Backplanes and Connector Boards offer a cost-effective solution. Making interfaces for board-to-board electrical connector expansion more convenient and flexible.
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      jdb kredit iButton® devices are available for a number of different functions and supplied drivers and SDK. The DPX®-series boards have a GPIO header used to connect to one-wire or two-wire devices, which is a flexible multi-purpose interface.
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