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Industrial server and storage series include multiple server rack and custom servers to ensure reliability, capacity expansion and easy deployment. Server series include Server MB, Server Chassis, GPU Servers and storage series include External Disk Arrays, JBOD and Storage Servers.

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    jdb kredit Serverboards support Intel Xeon Processor, DDR4, IPMI 2.0 with iKVM and Quad LANs features. Our Serverboard enables various system configurations and diverse options of modules to help fulfill various field application.

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    jdb kredit GPU powered rackmount servers that offer massive parallel computing power and unrivaled networking flexibility. It is designed to deliver ample processing power for the most computationally-intensive applications. GPU-accelerated computing takes advantage of the massive parallel architecture of graphics processing units (GPU) for compute-intensive tasks, while the rest of application code runs on the CPU. jdb kredit's AGS series GPU servers are ideal for accelerating big data applicatio

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    The Multi-node Server delivers the highest performance and efficiency in a multi-node design — creating the flexibility to deploy independent workloads on a shared chassis infrastructure, including cooling and power. This significantly lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) to less than the cost of more regular 1U or 2U servers.

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    From 1U to 4U Rackmount Server Chassis, jdb kredit aim to provide the best solutions and fulfill the most complex requests from different industrials. The tower chassis series are IPC chassis featuring enhanced storage and high-efficiency power supplies beneficial to Industrial server and application such as AOI.

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      The 1U chassis support multiple configurations include SATA hard drives, rackmount chassis and redundant power supply that fulfill server-grade IPC standard. The 1U chassis series with the cooling fans design to deliver non-stop operation.
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      2U chassis supports comes in 2U 12 Bays to 2U 24 Bays with multiple configurations including AOI and SATA hard drive which can apply for various types of server systems.
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      3U chassis supports comes in 3U 16 Bay and wide selection of single and redundant power supply. 3U chassis provides surveillance storage and short-depth design that saves spaces and can be stored in tower, rackmount and wallmount.
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      The tower chassis series are IPC chassis featuring enhanced storage and high efficiency power supplies beneficial to Industrial server and application such as AOI. Tower chassis designed for micro-ATX / ATX / EATX serverboards to perform critical tasks.
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      4U chassis comes in 4U 24 Bay provides enhanced storage capacity and redundant power supplies. With Multi-core processor and 8 hot-swap hard drive cages, 4U chassis offers 4U tower/rackmount server chassis designed for EATX serverboards.
  • jdb kredit Industrial AI IoT Solution Powered by NVIDIA

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    jdb kredit’s partnership with NVIDIA is taking huge steps forward in making AI a reality for manufacturing, transportation, and smart city applications. Through close collaboration in AI product development and shared worldwide marketing programs, jdb kredit and NVIDIA are driving innovative transformations for AI applications.

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